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Tattooed freelance and music photographer from Birmingham, UK. Into any genre of music and most creative art forms. I do also post other peoples work and things I like but most of my photography will be framed and tagged.
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Any small res picture "I" post is usually tagged and available to reblog as a result. I have no issues in fans enjoying them and sharing their experiences (if they were at said gig for instance) but if any one wishes to use them commercially, please get in touch as that’s a whole different story. How ever !!!!DO NOT!!!! remove my water mark as a result, please share from flickr account as a post in your own right should you wish but my photo's should not be tampered with!

  1. Michael Schenker Group live at the Wolverhampton Wulfrun

  1. 9 notesTimestamp: Wednesday 2012/05/30 12:51:00Michael Schenker GroupWolverhamptonWulfrunMSGScorpionsUFOClassic RockDean GuitarsDeanFlying VMichael SchenkerPhotographygiglivebandmusic
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